We now stock a range of Triple F chips and potatoes including blanched products. 
Triple F Chips - Chips Made Simple 
Triple F Chips are used across the UK in multiple award-winning chip shops and restaurants. 
Quality Fresh Chips 
No Prep Time 
No Water Charges 
No Mess 
Next Day Delivery 

‘Blanched Fresh and Fabulous’ 

The newest of our Triple F Range is our Blanched Potatoes and Chips ‘Blanched Fresh and Fabulous’ 
This Product comes in a box with 2x 5kg bags inside, they are blanched without any preservatives and packed under a modified atmosphere. All the microbial tests have been carried out and we are happy to put ‘product plus 15 days’ on the case. 
FFF are a Red Tractor Assured product which will appear on the packaging in a couple of months replacing the Union Jack logo. 
Initially Ramos will be the variety used but a range of appropriate varieties will be used to ensure continuity throughout the season. To utilise the whole crop and give a good chip, we are going to grade our potatoes over a 55mm riddle. The +55mm potatoes will be used for making a 15 x 15mm Chip and the -55mm potatoes will be made into a whole peeled blanched potato sized at 40-50mm. 
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